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GEZE trade fair highlights

GEZE Cockpit: The first smart door, window and safety system

With GEZE Cockpit, we are closing the gaps in building automation with the first smart door, window and safety system. The unique networking of door and window technology with smart software and open interfaces offers planners and operators new opportunities in building automation.

  • efficient and safe building automation system for GEZE products
  • up to 62 GEZE products can be connected per GEZE Cockpit
  • secure data exchange via the BACnet communication standard
  • BTL-certified in accordance with BACnet standard ISO 16484-5
  • user-friendly applications, browser-based
  • different software packages: GEZE Cockpit BASIC, VISU and VISU+
  • can be integrated as surface-mounted or top hat rail casing
  • BACnet B-BC device profile


Further information and the various application scenarios from GEZE Cockpit here >>

IO 420 interface module: the networker for building management systems

With the GEZE IO 420 interface module, GEZE products from the automatic door systems, window technology, smoke and heat extraction systems (RWA), and safety technology segments can be integrated quickly and easily into network solutions with BACnet, and networked with one another through BACnet MS/TP.

  • access to the future-oriented BACnet world
  • standardised networking of all GEZE automation solutions
  • easy integration into building management systems
  • MS/TP interface
  • BACnet B-ASC device profile
  • certified in accordance with the BACnet standard ISO 16484-6

Powerturn automatic swing door drive: a robust specialist and true team player

Universal Design – made in Germany: the automatic Powerturn swing door drive can also open large and heavy doors with a leaf weight of up to 600 kg reliably and safely. The 'strong man' of GEZE is also the right solution for fire protection doors of up to 600 kg.

New versions: more opportunities for strong designs

GEZE Powerturn F/R-IS/TS is the ideal hybrid of door automation and door closer technology. It is particularly suitable for double leaf doors, for example asymmetrical doors, where mainly the active leaf moves, and is operated automatically for increased comfort.

  • strong drive for single and double leaf swing doors
  • suitable for leaf widths of up to 1,600 mm or leaf weights of up to 600 kg on the active leaf
  • easy manual accessibility, thanks to theSmart swing function
  • integrated closing sequence control for controlled closing in the event of a fire
  • safe opening and closing under adverse conditions (wind, draught, etc.)
  • quick and easy installation
  • low overall height of just 7 cm
  • new versions: combination of swing door drive and door closer, e.g. for asymmetrical doors
  • new versions: underfloor drive for environments with especially high aesthetic expectations
  • suitable for doors weighing up to 125 kg and with a width of up to 1,250 mm

Find here more information about the Powerturn series >>

Our strongest drive: The Powerturn

A new interpretation of our strongest drive: The GEZE Powerturn F/R-IS/TS
Underfloor drive for environments with especially high aesthetic expectations

Powerdrive hermetic automatic sliding door system: a complete system for the most demanding requirements

Whether in the operating theatre or on intensive care and dialysis wards: the new GEZE Powerdrive hermetic sliding door system is ideally equipped for applications with demanding hygiene and air-tightness requirements. The complete system – consisting of door leaves, automatic drive and the frame – is suitable for clinical areas, and is also perfect for clean rooms, sterilisation rooms and laboratories.

  • complete system for large, heavy door leaves and wide opening widths
  • optimised for high hygiene requirements
  • very low air permeability (class 3-4)
  • special, series-specific opening widths for use in hospitals
  • optional extra functions for opening width and hold-open times
  • Powerdrive PL-HT: kit version with low air permeability



ECdrive H automatic sliding door system - For optimal hygiene conditions

GEZE is expanding its automatic sliding door system portfolio with the ECdrive H kit solution designed especially for use in clinical areas. Preparation rooms and departmental laboratories specifically require doors and passageways that are as germ-free as possible. With opening widths optimised for hospital use (nurse opening, cleaning opening, bed opening), the ingress of foreign particles can be reduced and air exchange minimised. Low-depth tracks reduce dirt residue and simplify hygiene cleaning. There are numerous configurations, all based around the kit solution, allowing project-specific collaboration with installation companies. The result is numerous solution scenarios which are optimal for use in the high-tech, pharmaceutical and food and drink industries.

System solution: automatic sliding door for areas with high hygiene requirements

GEZE automatic sliding door systems, such as Powerdrive hermetic, open and close passage doors reliably to provide barrier-free access. They are controlled and secured by a combined detector. The GC 306 proximity switch offers contactless and hygienic manual activation. The automatic components can be integrated into the building technology via the IO 420 interface module and the GEZE Cockpit building automation system, while the door system is controlled via BACnet.



TS 5000 SoftClose overhead door closer: quiet, powerful and accessible

The new GEZE TS 5000 SoftClose door closer has a high flexibility. Depending on requirements, a latching action can be set, or the door leaf can be slowed down to the last opening degree. Thanks to this optimised closing process, the door is pulled into the lock securely, using constant force. Doors thus close safely and gently, even in difficult conditions such as wind and draught, and in underground car park interlocking door systems or staircases for example. The TS 5000 SoftClose door closer is the right choice for anywhere that needs doors to be closed quietly and safely – whether in clinics, hotels or apartment buildings.  As the new door closer is compatible with all versions from the GEZE TS 5000 series, it can easily be exchanged for existing solutions without needing any extra components. It can also be used with all types of guide rails.

  • reliable, gentle closing, even in adverse conditions (e.g. underground car park interlocking door systems)
  • closing speed with variable adjustment in latching action area (door opening angle of 0-15°)
  • suitable for different system versions (e.g. with electric hold-open function or smoke switch, for single and double leaf doors)
  • can be used flexibly (e.g. leaf or transom installation, hinge or opposite hinge side etc.)
  • can easily be exchanged with all versions from the TS 5000 series
  • compatible with all types of guide rail
  • barrier-free in accordance with DIN 18040, for leaf widths up to 1,100 mm

FA GC 170 wireless extension kit: clever components for hold-open systems

The new GEZE FA GC 170 wireless extension kit allows you to wirelessly connect ceiling-mounted detector and manual trigger switch to the lintel-mounted detector on all GEZE hold-open systems. No separate cables need to be laid, which facilitates planning, especially in listed buildings. In addition, the new solution can easily be retrofitted, and has been tested in accordance with the European DIN EN 54-25 standard for fire alarm systems. The long five-year battery life ensures low maintenance costs.

  • wireless connection of ceiling-mounted detector and manual trigger switch to lintel-mounted detectors
  • optimised for all GEZE hold-open systems
  • simple planning and uncomplicated retrofitting
  • quick and easy connection with DIP switch
  • low servicing costs due to the long five-year battery life

GEZE ActiveStop: new door control

GEZE ActiveStop ensures that room doors open and close in a controlled, dampened way and are kept open in the same way. The door damper can be discreetly integrated into the door leaf, or fitted as a retrofit version on the door frame where it can be stuck on and easily removed again. This protects the door, as well as walls and furniture. Visit us at the booth and watch out how we demonstrate the retrofit version on the door frame.

  • new control for room doors
  • controlled, dampened opening and closing
  • convenient hold-open in a desired position
  • reliable protection of the leaf material, walls and other objects
  • suitable for door weights of up to 45 kg
  • individual back check between 60 and 140 degrees
  • safe damping from 25 degrees in the direction of closing movement
  • variable opening angle can be set between 80 and 140 degrees
  • version fitted on the door frame: for flexible retrofitting of glass and wooden doors
  • integrated version: discreet integration into door leaf at an installation depth of only 28 mm

Further information about the GEZE ActiveStop >>



GEZE Service: customer support from A to Z

Customised service solutions are rated very highly at GEZE: from installation to maintenance and repairs right up to modernisation of existing systems. Our focus is therefore on complete support and maintenance of the building technology within one project. GEZE Service thus offers comprehensive solutions for its own as well as third-party products.

  • comprehensive services for installation, maintenance and servicing
  • services to support our own as well as third-party products
  • customised service concepts with tailored packages
  • simple installation and flexible retrofitting with intelligent technology
  • flexible retrofitting of existing systems with new components
  • the latest industry expertise is communicated via seminars and presentations

GEZE WinCalc 2.0: the calculation programme for window technology

GEZE WinCalc takes care of the complex calculations when designing a window system: time-saving, easy-to-use and convenient.

  • extended options, including for drives with a configurable stroke
  • easier and faster drive calculation
  • temporarily saves your last project
  • flexible use in different browsers
  • improved performance and faster access to user screens
  • new design and optimised usability for intuitive operation
  • individual use by tablet is possible
  • optional download of calculation records with bills of material in ZIP format

Data packages for logiKal (Orgadata): efficient planning

Planners and metal processors can also access GEZE product data when planning, calculating and building facades. The Orgadata logiKal software solution optimises planning and manufacturing processes and saves time and costs.

  • optimisation of planning and production processes
  • flexible choice and composition of GEZE products
  • broad scope of functions and simple maintenance
  • efficient and precise planning and production of solutions to match requests



+++ These are just a few of our trade fair highlights of Fensterbau Frontale 2018. If you'd like to see our Slimchain 230 V chain drive for a simple natural ventilation, the simulation of the security interlocking door system or the electric door opener and more from the GEZE world, visit us from 21. until 24. March 2018 in hall 2 at booth 2-424. Or follow our trade fair communication via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn +++


Trade fair highlights


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